Monday, January 23, 2012

Bloggers Guilt

Once upon a time I wrote a blog with this title. I sat up late writing it. It took a while. When I was done I pressed "publish post," after which the computer froze, and the blog entry was lost forever in cyber space. It's moments like those that make me hate technology.
I've been meaning to get back on the blogger train for a few weeks now; I have several topics in my brain, pictures on my camera, and a desire to in my heart of hearts...but let me share my excuses with you, most of which I won't get (and deserve no) sympathy for:

1.  I got an iPad for Christmas. A shiny, white, lovely iPad. I love her. I think she's swell. She makes wasting time so much more fashionable than it used to be. I can play this one game with all my brother in laws, called "Disk Drivin" like a true tech-geek. I no longer need to "check" my facebook, as my iPad beeps at me when something happens there. I can text Dave random thoughts that cross my mind whenever I feel like it... AND my son becomes an insane monster who will bite or smack anyone who comes between him and her, every time he sees this said iPad. It's win win all round.
There are however a few drawbacks. Although the pinterest app is nice for stalking out other people's pins and "repinning" I can't for the life of me figure out how to "pin" something. I've gone through the instructions multiple times, and even got my hubby to try. He was so confused by the concept of pinterest that we really didn't get very far. Also, and more to the point of this post: typing on on my iPad - more than a witty facebook comment, or text message, is kind of annoying- I'm just not very quick with it. The auto correct feature, again while handy during texts, isn't so much, when I'm really trying to express myself.
So, while there are pros & cons to the iPad, the point is, I haven't yet tried to blog with it.

2.  The other day Dave and I had someone coming by the house for a homestay program we'd applied for. She had rescheduled since the snow had made her (along with every other citizen of Greater Victoria) a prisoner in her own home. Dave had neglected to tell me when she had rescheduled for, until an hour before she was coming. In my frantic attempt to get the house looking presentable I turned on a movie for Roly to watch, on the laptop. This never works, so I should have been concerned about how quiet and content he was, in front of the computer. It wasn't until he proudly held up a little black square to me that I realized he had used those fine motor skills and that pincer grasp that he honed during all that Christmas present unwrapping, to pluck several keys off of the laptop keyboard. Although I found most of them and stuck them back on- they've been a real pain in the butt all week. The "N" key has fallen off at least 16 times today (it's sitting next to me on the couch). The comma key is a little bit lopsided, and I have to push really hard every time I use it. The square bracket key is precariously perched on top of whatever it should be connected to, and the "V" key is just missing all together. This has made me curse every time I try to write something. Thus, blogging has not been my first priority.

3.  Dave and I started watching Prison Break. I'm an addict. Any free moment Dave and I have in common throughout the day is spent watching it. We are almost done season 2, so just 2 more to go! Maybe once I'm through my addiction I will have other thoughts that occupy my mind, beside Micheal Scofield & Lincoln Burrows. When that happens I'll be sure to fill you in.

    So, though I feel guilty about it... I just can't blog these days. I'm sure I'll get over it. Something will push me to the edge, of needing to express myself to whoever reads this thing. 

    Stay tuned... or don't... but I swear I'll come back one of these days.


    1. love this post. Hilariously funny about the keyboard!!!

    2. Aww prison break. That is a worthy excuse indeed!