Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shirley Temple

Dave is really good at winning things. He wins games. He wins at jeopardy when we watch it. He wins whenever we play 21... in fact one time he told me that he hasn't lost that game since like 1995 or something like that. He's also good at winning things on the radio. He won tickets for Bedouin Soundclash a few weeks ago, and we got to go to their show on Friday night.

I had a great time. It was weird to be in a club... has never been, and will never be my scene. I found people to be so crude and just nasty in there. At one point I went to the washroom, and as I was washing my hands a girl came in, dropped her pants with the stall door open and continued her (very loud and crude) conversation with her friends. They told her to close the door, to which she responded, "Why? You can't see my vagina, can you?" Eew. Just close the door. And your mouth. 
Any ways, once I was back out in the club with my homies... ie: Dave, and he had his arm around me, and we were surrounded by people who were actually watching the band, I felt more comfortable, and less disgusted. The band was great. Jay Malinowski's voice is just so scratchy and smooth and delightful.
I've never had a sip of alcohol. It's not even a temptation for me, and never has been. I'm grateful for that, because I feel like it would be hard to resist if I did want it. On Friday night I was, however, thirsty. 

I turned to Dave and asked, "Can you get me a Shirley Temple?" 
He replied "No." 
"Why not?" I asked, surprised by his response.
"I'll give you money if you want to get one yourself," he said. And that's when I realized he was too embarrassed to order a Shirley Temple in a bar. Then he asked "I don't even know what's in a Shirley Temple."
I told him, "Sprite, grenadine & a maraschino cherry."
His eyes went really wide and he replied "I love Shirley Temples!"
But he still wouldn't get one for me. Brat. I guess he didn't want to wreck winner rap.