Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Do you remember that feeling, when you were young; the day summer holidays started? Do you remember the rush of throwing away (or as I got older- burning) all your handouts & assignments & papers from the entire year? How about the song? Did you ever sing it?

No more reading
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

And then summer would start. I would sleep in. I would walk around barefoot until the calluses on the bottom of my feet grew so strong that I could pick raspberries in the back alley without a limp or a wince. I would sleep outside, under the stars. And I would feel the mosquitoes bite my sunburned skin. I wouldn't read a word or write a letter for the entire 2 months. And even though it was only 2 months, those 2 months felt like an eternity... a blissful barefoot-scraped kneed-dirty fingernailed- eternity. I loved summer. And I still do. 

As I've gotten older I just don't feel the same excitement about things like I used to. Even the things that I care for, or look forward to passionately, I can't muster up that same last-day-of-school-feeling. But luckily, there are moments that remind me. There are smells and tastes, and feelings that are purely summer, and when I experience them I can't help but feel that joyful-freedom-filled-bliss that summer used to be. Here are a few things that throw me back into my mushroom cut-jean short -barefoot self.

  • The smell of freshly cut grass, mingled with the charcoaly smell of a burger on a barbie
  • Stubbing/scraping my toe on the concrete
  • The taste of fresh raspberries
  • The taste of rootbeer popsicles
  • The taste of carrots, fresh out of the garden... wiped off on my pants, or maybe rinse a little with the hose (preferably the top cut off by my dad's old hunting knife)
  • Peas, right out of the pod
  • The hot sun on my shoulders, and cold water on my feet
  • Heavy summer night air, breathed from the comfort of a sleeping bag
I always felt cliche admitting that my favorite season was summer... but who cares about cliches- I LOVE SUMMER. As a prairie girl I got hot dry summers, with crazy rain storms, and insane mosquitoes. I cooled off in freezing mountain lakes, and built sand castles for frogs in sandy dunes at the edge of lakes that were dug out by men. I know my kids won't have the same summers that I did, but luckily there are a few things that I can still share with them. In fact, Roly and I sat and enjoyed some summer for quite a while yesterday. 

 Ro-Ro enjoying some fresh (Galley Farms) Raspberries. Our bushes this year are kind of pitiful.One day they will grow, and I won't have to PAY to taste summer. 

A great big pea pod from our garden! So delicious. 
Roly loved them. We sat and ate peas for like half an hour. 

I thought it was cute that Roland was clutching a pea pod and a dandelion in his little fist. 

Cheers to Summer. 

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  1. I miss the youthful summers too! I miss camping and traveling. Summer is definitely not what it used to be for me as now it's the busiest work month for Jared and we don't get much time away. Maybe one day. I love reading such well written sentiments - thanks for sharing your blog!