Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinteresing... very pinteresting.

When we were in Seattle last week Shannon showed me the following website :
Little did she know, it would quickly become an OBSESSION. 
The fact that Roland and Dave have been sick all week, and that Dave is too nauseous/ light headed to do anything but move from the couch to the bathroom, and that Roly is too grouchy to stay with Dave, and that Roly is too sick to leave the house... those facts all in mind- I haven't done much in the last few days. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I've done more laundry in the last 4 days than I usually do in a month, and that Roland has had about the same amount of baths in the last week than he usually gets in a month... not to mention the amount of toilet paper we've gone through. 
Although my reminiscing in the last post was sincere, the novelty has worn off.
These things in mind, I've felt a bit cooped up, and I've spent way too much time staring at the computer screen, in my attempt to escape. Pinterest is just full of so many cute ideas! I got super antsy because I had all these ideas, and none of the things I needed to make them. I snuck out yesterday and went in search of a thrift store. I ended up at one on Government St.  I think it was called Bibles for Missions... or maybe Missions for Bibles? One or the other. Regardless- new favorite store! I had fun. The old man that worked there, who was playing the organ when there were no customers at the till, insisted that Roland must be a smart boy. He just kept telling me how bright and intelligent he was. The man just lit up when I told him his name is Roland. I can't help but enjoy being around people who love my child, so the kind gentleman, the hymns being banged out at the organ, and a few great finds made this outing very enjoyable! I found a dozen picture frames and a few books, all for about $10. And boy oh boy, did I put them to good use! 
I have been looking at these amazing crafts online, and if I have to be a shut-in, then I really just wanted to be a shut-in that made cute things. 
Here's what I came up with today, and I LOVE it!

The first thing Dave did, when he saw it, was tell me how crooked the "i" was, then put his finger right through it. I never get the feedback I'm looking for when I share my arts & crafts with him. No matter how much I love a project he always seems to let me know what's wrong with it. So I've decided to post it here, to get some feedback I might actually enjoy hearing. I really loved making this, and I'm excited to work on something new. If Roly wakes up tomorrow, with the pukey dukeys & the runs, I might actually be happy to stay home and whip up some more D.I.Y. home decor... but being able to leave the house would be nice too. Either one. 


  1. Oh I knew you'd be addicted! I love your frame idea, I think it turned out great!

  2. I will give you positive reinforcement, because like you I get the same thing sometimes from my hubby (they mean well).
    I love it! Your so creative and talented. I love homemade things like this!
    I'm so excited to look through the website!

  3. I love your project Ali, it looks great!!

  4. Its fantastic! Seriously I love it. Maybe someday I'll learn to be creative and crafty. Cause I love this.