Friday, July 15, 2011


Today I took some pics for my friends Mark & Marnie. I affectionately refer to them as Marnkie. They are one of those couples that are perfect for each other. Just cute as can be, in their own quirki-heart on your sleeve-say what comes to your mind-sort of way. I love them. And they really are a beautiful couple.

I like being around engaged people. It reminds me about the butterflies caused by my own one-and-only. Not too long ago, we were in the same awkward position of taking engagement photos. We were lucky enough to have a professional take ours. (

I love Dave. I love him so much. I love that he will wake up to help Roland in the night. I love that he will take Roland to his chiropractor appointment with him, so that I can sleep for an extra hour. (Both of those things occurred in the past 24 hours), I love that he make me dinner sometimes, after he's watched a lot of "master chef," and feels all pumped up to make delicious things. I love the way he'll drop anything to go help a friend who calls him. I love the things he says in his sleep. I love driving in the car with him, and hearing him sing in his real singing voice (I don't love his creed deep man singing voice). I love waking up beside him every morning. I love that he naps. I love mid-day naps with him. I love that he's a handy man. I love that he now has like 6 argyle sweaters, and wears them all. I love that he went vegan for a month because I wanted to. I love that he now eats asparagus. I love his eyelashes, his eye balls, his strong arms, and his dark hair. I love it when he dances. I love seeing him plan a party. I love this man. 

It just so happens that our nuptials occurred exactly 2 years ago, this approaching Sunday, July 17. Happy Anniversary Lover! 

I love you. 

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