Friday, September 7, 2012

2 down.

Another successful day. Day 2 out of 364 is complete. Horrah! 

Dave is more confused than ever about what I'm trying to accomplish, and although his only intent is to be supportive of me in this endeavor, he has  been asking me constant hypothetical questions about what I will or will not consume in the next year. To clear things up I made a list... on the back of a birthday card...and signed it... to make it seem more official.

I've been away for almost a month- spent a couple weeks in Edmonton, a week near Cranbrook, then a few days in Castlegar. It was a fun filled month, but by the time the drive home rolled around I was so done with being away from home. Being with my parents for the month was lovely- my only complaint is that my father will indulge my every whim, and because of that I ate a ridiculous amount of icecream. I was feeling ready for a big change, and as Dave and I drove we talked about my goal and how I would accomplish it. Once we started getting specific I needed to write things down. The only paper I could find was the birthday card my mom had just handed me, and so, as we drove, I used a purple pen to fill in 3 columns. These should clear things up to those interested in the specifics of the year.

< than
*dairy *meat *carbs
This has less to do with the "challenge" and more to do with a goal of healthy eating.

*Pop *chips *candy *pastries *cookies *pie *doughnuts *icecream *fries *cake *cheesecake *chocolate *deep fried fast food (burgers, fried chicken, breaded fish, etc) *slurpees
This list may seem a bit redundant, but there are general foods that I'm avoiding, as well very specific ones, so I just needed to include those things on the list.

*Popcorn *Sugar free fruit crisps
I decided that I needed a bit of room for indulgence in not so bad stuff. These will be my 2 snacky-treats for the next year. I just couldn't bare the thought of going a year without crisps made from our apple & pear trees and the blackberries in our neighbourhood. It may take some creativity, but I will figure out a way to enjoy those crisps! As for popcorn- my sister got me a stovetop popcorn maker for my birthday. I decided it is a great/ not so bad thing to snack on from time to time. I will need to monitor my intake of these things to make sure I'm not just replacing every other treat with these 2. 


  1. Popcorn is actually a great snack. The only thing that makes it unhealthy is what you put on it. If it uses oil to pop the corn, you can invest in some healthier oils, like coconut. You can google low to zero calorie toppings. I find if I use more flavour I don't need as much fat. I've started using a combo of sweet and savoury spices. There are a lot on the internet so you could google it. If you can get the toppings right, you can eat popcorn all the time if you want. A few years ago my mom lost a lot of weight but diet and exercise and popcorn is her guilt free snack....although the way she does it doesn't involve any toppings and it tastes like cardboard. She seems to like it...or has learned to like it. Try the seasoning way though..first.