Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roly's Room

I did this a few weeks ago, but it took me forever to upload the pictures from my camera, so I'm finally sharing my latest creative endeavor now... drum roll... A collage wall in Roland's room.

I know it looks a little busy, but I love it!  I obviously still need to fill the frames & do some finishing touches, but here is the just of it. Shall I explain the process? I might as well, considering sharing this was the only intent behind this post:
  • Bunting - The fabric was originally purchased and cut out for Roly's first birthday party. I threaded a single piece of yarn through the single sided fabric, and strung it up all around our back yard. I loved how it looked, but when I decided to use it in his room I wanted it to be less flimsy. I ended up sewing 2 triangles together to add more structure, and crocheting a long chain (about 4 wide), which I sewed each triangle onto. Now that I'm looking at the picture it looks a little cock-eyed. Apparently I need to straighten it out a bit. 
  • Paintings - I used a few different types of canvases, mostly purchased from the dollar store or Michael's, and painted different patterned backgrounds onto them with the same neutral, yellow/ beige colours. I think I will paint a large 'R' on one of the blank canvases, and a large '__' on the other, for baby to be :) The tree was a long work in progress, and I'm happy that it finally has a place on the wall, in its completed form. 
  • Clock - A birthday gift from my brother Joel, probably 5 years ago. Who knew I would use it in my baby boy's room? "Whoooo?"
  • Animal Alphabet Poster - My sister in law, Shannon, got that made for Roly when he was born. I love it, but Roland absolutely adores it. He could stand at it pointing at the animals, and making noises for HOURS if I let him. He will stare at it for as long as I have the patience to hold him in front of it. 
  • Frames - Some were purchased at the thrift store, and my mom gave me a truck load of mismatched frames last time I was home. I painted them with thick layers of acrylic paint. I put simple brown paper as a background for all of the the frames. I like the look. I'm hoping to get the following prints / pictures for the frames:
    • A large photo of Roland and Baby for the big green frame. Until then I might even print a photo of Roland and my belly.
      Although let's be honest - baby is coming in 3 months! I probably won't get to printing a picture before then!
    • A picture of the Savior. Possibly Jesus and the children. I haven't found the perfect print yet. I'm still on the look out. I would love suggestions if anyone has any. 
    • A family photo of all of us. 
    • Pictures of Roland and baby with cousins and grandparents.
    • I already have pictures of the Vancouver Temple & the First Presidency in frames.
      Allow me to take a moment to brag about my child: He knows who to point at when I ask where Presidents Monson, Uchtdorf and Eyering are. The little smarty pants!
  • The Quilt - I just had to include it in the picture. I'm so proud of it! It was made by me and my mama over thanksgiving. I absolutely love it. It really helped with my struggles with getting Roly to sleep after we weened him off the boob, bottle and soother all within a week's time. 
I love turquoise and green together, with accents of red and brown. For months I've been wanting to have gospel pictures in Roly's room. I just couldn't picture how to implement it. I'm delighted to have at least the outline done!


  1. It looks so good! I'm glad Roly likes the poster. I think Aubrey could care less about hers sometimes! We must be on the same wave-length, I'm just in the middle of creating a collage wall on Aubrey's wall.

  2. I LOVE it! You are so crafty and stylish! I LOVE that quilt too. I love that the triangles are similar to the ones on your blog right here!