Tuesday, February 14, 2012


First of all, let me introduce the topic of this post with a video. Watch this:


I love this video. It inspires me. The words President Uchtdorf says make my toes tingle, and it feels like everything in my heart and mind click into place. So often in this life I feel like there are conflicting values, ideas and pressures all around me. And the thing about this life is that we are given the opportunity to choose for ourselves what to follow- what to believe.

There are doctrines/values/principles that I have been taught, and that as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I truly believe. There are ideas/theories/practices that I was taught in Early Childhood Development, and in Child and Youth Care that I believe, and that I'm passionate about implementing in my own life. There are notions/assumptions/beliefs that I have about mankind that I've acquired through life experience, through working and existing with other human beings, that influence every choice I make. There are moments in my life, where all those notions, those values, those theories click into place, in my mind and in my heart. Those moments would happen, when I'd be sitting in class, the prof would be talking about something, and their words would ring true. The spirit would tell me that what they spoke was right, and that that my knowledge of the significance of our earthly existence, and eternal nature supported that truth. Those moments have happened at home, as I've been seeking personal revelation, through prayer, and scripture study. As I've done so thoughts have crossed my mind that have told me what I've needed to hear. Those thoughts have come in words of scripture, but they have also come in reminders of  experiences that I've had with other people. They have come through words of friends and family. My worlds are often colliding- and it is through those collisions that I feel most at peace. When I realize that the life that I'm striving to live is in line with my heart, and my actions.

Well! This video is a collision of worlds for me. President Uchtdorf speaks about the importance of creating. This is a concept that I hold dear. I know that I am happier when my creative juices are flowing. I know that times when I feel the worst about myself are times where I am stubbornly refusing to put my creative desires into action. There are times when I become frustrated with my own abilities... and to be honest, with the reactions of people around me, and I feel inadequate and incapable. But the truth is, I LOVE TO CREATE. And I love that Pres. U. tells us to do it! I feel closer to God, and most like myself when I am making my surroundings into something that is aesthetically pleasing. It's that worlds colliding feeling all over again- that feeling that "this is good." On all levels.

This one time, 3 years ago, I decided I wanted to paint something. I started painting a tree. Tonight I finished it. Yup. 3 years later. I like it. It has my 2 baby birds in it. It will go on Roly's wall, which after months of brooding, and humming and hawing I've made a decision of what I want to do there. I've decided I'm not holding back anymore- not letting insecurities and feelings of inadequacies interfere with my desire my make things beautiful, and make beautiful things.

I've decided to use this here blog as my platform of creation. To document my creative endeavors. The things I cut, paste, paint, tie, sew, crochet, cook, hang... and give birth to. 

You can choose to follow me on my journey to create, if you so desire!

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  1. i LOVE creating, and I LOVE this post! I ALSO love that last image. your are very crafty indeed.